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Zihanga Ltd
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2023 Circular Economy Awards Winner

Water, Food & Energy


Zihanga is a circular agriculture enterprise in Kenya that converts organic waste into valuable resources while addressing social and environmental challenges. Through affordable chicken colony cages, they empower families, increase agricultural productivity, and promote sustainable solutions for food production and plastic waste management.

Zihanga operates a circular business model by bio-converting organic waste into black soldier larvae meal and frass fertiliser. They offer affordable chicken colony cages with horizontal gardens and fly nets, reducing entry costs into insect rearing in Kenya.

Their primary market is horticultural and flower. Other customers are pigs, pets, layer holders, and NGOs that aim to provide training to marginalised groups.


Social impact

  • Providing alternatives to the communities for waste collection and disposal
  • Implementing awareness sessions on soil health, training, and capacity building programs for women

Environmental impact

  • Reducing up to 80% of the waste that ended in landfills (2023)

Economic impact

  • Helping the community to reduce their costs of feeds by 60-70% through insect rearing

"With eggs and vegetables being a source of food, the family will easily access a balanced diet or sell their produce to their neighbours, achieving revenue for school fees.

Dried insect meal has 45% protein and 30% fat; this product is a direct alternative to fish and soy meal, preventing overfishing and cutting down trees to give space to soy plantations."

Nicholas Ndekei

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Nicholas Ndekei