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Our Enterprise Support programmes directly assist individual enterprises at multiple levels of business development – from the early stages of inspiration and concept-building to scaling up or the replication of proven, successful eco-inclusive business models in other geographical locations. Entrepreneurs make up a large part of local economies and communities, and building resilience to future shocks is essential to protecting local incomes and long-term employment for communities. 

Incubation Programmes



Our Starter programme guides participants from the early stages of ideation to the generation of a viable business plan used to launch an eco-inclusive enterprise.



Our Replicator targets entrepreneurs without a business idea as well as early-stage entrepreneurs who are trying to identify partnership opportunities and grow their impact.


Recognising achievements of eco-inclusive enterprises globally.

Award recipients are eligible for participation in our Catalyser and Accelerator programmes which support high-achieving enterprises to scale-up and optimise their combined environmental, social and economic impacts.

Acceleration Programmes


Our Catalyser guides enterprises to refine their business models and optimise their environmental, social and economic impacts and investment readiness.



Our Accelerator programme develops the investment readiness and operational excellence of established eco-inclusive enterprises looking to scale up.



Our Ecosystem Building programmes cultivate networks of collaborators, finance and policy to support entrepreneurship in circular economy. We provide platforms for dialogue between local, national and international stakeholders and work to improve the quality of relations between these stakeholders and enterprises.


Business Development Service+

Our BDS+ programme fortifies a network of BDS+ Providers to facilitate eco-inclusive enterprise growth.

Policy Advocacy

Our Policy Advocacy champions the role of eco-inclusive entrepreneurship for green economies.



Our Finance activities enable eco-inclusive enterprises to start up and scale up through targeted financing solutions.


Events & Workshops

Our Events & Workshops facilitate collaboration and direct global green economy agendas.