Meet CEC Business Advisors: Loopworks Ventures


The “Meet CEC Business Advisors” series features CEC partner organisations who play a crucial role in our support for the entrepreneurship ecosystem and especially circular businesses.

Loopworks Ventures is CEC's implementing partner in Kenya, providing business support advisory services. The consultancy supports circular business models on the topics of resource efficiency, circular production, co-creation, and compliance with sustainability standards. The company also offers access to green finance, networking opportunities, and mentorship. Michael Kalo and Wairimu Mwangi, Founders and Directors of Loopworks Ventures, shared their thoughts on the partnership in an interview with the CEC Team.

How does your company support circular enterprises?

Loopworks Ventures helps build and strengthen business models, by incorporating circular economy principles and practices, and supports industries in enhancing and embedding Process Circularity in their value chain operations. The company also develops knowledge management systems and services through a platform that collates data and conduct data analysis to build replicable best practice strategies in circular enterprise development. Furthermore, it promotes the creation of green jobs by supporting enterprise development within the waste management value chain.

What is the positive impact of providing support to circular SMEs?

Supporting circular SMEs has many positive impacts. First, it helps SMEs to enhance their business models by optimising resources, which translates to economic, environmental and social gains. Second, it enables the SMEs to unlock values in areas that have been previously underrated. This increases opportunities for income generation and job creation. Third, it also offers SMEs access to funding and opportunities to connect with other enterprises and technical partners.

What do you like the most about the collaboration with adelphi’s Circular Economy Catalyst? Is there a topic you especially enjoy from the workshops?

Loopworks Ventures’ collaboration with adelphi has allowed us to deploy adelphi’s highly effective and intuitive tools to further support enterprises. All of the topics covered help enterprises not only zoom into and analyse their business, but also zoom out and understand market dynamics. The topic that we enjoy the most is impact determination and measurement.

What is your vision for the future of circular SMEs and the support ecosystem in your country?

Given that circularity is an emerging area for enterprises, continual support will be paramount. Our focus areas are in provision of relevant data and knowledge systems, best practises and working models that can be replicated and utilized to continually create value for businesses.

What more can we do together? Future outlook

We look forward to deepening our partnership through co-creating circular solutions, generating data from case studies, and deploying these insights to develop capacity building programs and strengthen the ecosystem.


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