Meet CEC Business Advisors: Idobro Impact Solutions


The “Meet CEC Business Advisors” series features CEC partner organisations who play a crucial role in our support for the entrepreneurship ecosystem and especially circular businesses.

Idobro Impact Solutions was founded in 2009 with a mission to “build value-based eco-systems through stakeholder engagement based on Purpose, Profit and Peace.”  We design programmes and projects that leverage the power of Citizenship, Entrepreneurship and Partnership to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. Our Citizenship programme works with individuals and students to influence change while our Entrepreneurship vertical supports Women, Social and Green Enterprises (WSGE) to start, sustain and scale development. Finally, we facilitate Partnerships for socio-environomic impact by bringing together the broad stakeholder groups necessary for sustainable development viz. Government, Industry, Academia and Civil Society. Accordingly, we have designed development models for all three verticals to foster deep and actionable dialogue while mapping capabilities and challenges for strategic collaboration. Think Different, Act Together!

How does your organisation support circular enterprises?

All of our programmes have a triple bottom line approach so in some or the other way contribute to a greener planet. Our Entrepreneurship vertical specifically strengthens and supports Women, Social and Green enterprises (WSGE) and encourages circularity in design and operations. In Partnership, we support the circularity mandate of a diverse set of organisations such as adelphi and UNICEF. 

In your opinion, what is the positive impact of providing support to circular SMEs?

SMEs, or WSGEs as we call them, are not just beneficiaries of development programmes but significant contributors to the economy and the world around them. Hence by providing the necessary support to start, sustain and scale, we are creating pathways of transformation in the eco-system around the enterprises. 

What do you like the most about the collaboration with adelphi’s Circular Economy Catalyst? Is there a topic you especially enjoy from the workshops?

Our partnership has started since the inception and is based on our shared belief that the best kind of mentoring is action based, and toolification is the key to long term retention! The CEC toolkits are very easy yet comprehensive, pushing entrepreneurs to think deep and expand their vision. The Customer Empathy map is a favourite because entrepreneurs more often than not, think they know their customers, until they do the exercise. The epiphany moment truly is a reaction to behold. We are privileged to be a longstanding partner!

What is your vision for the future of circular SMEs and the support ecosystem in your country?

The circular economy is here to stay thanks to the many policy decisions by both lawmakers and financial regulators. This has created opportunities across the supply chain for SMEs and WSGEs for value creation and collaboration. A harder push at the societal level is still needed to embrace circularity, but behaviour change has never been for the faint-hearted and going by the calibre of the entrepreneurs across multiple CEC programmes. The future looks bright for them and the world!

What more can we do together? Future outlook

CEC programmes have been significant in providing the circularity lens to budding as well as seasoned entrepreneurs. The Replicator in particular is a very impactful programme, and to further leverage its potential, an alumni programme and post-programme interaction can be facilitated. For example, a virtual annual gathering would reinforce the mandate and also build long-term bonds for pollination and collaboration – in effect, the CEC ecosystem! 

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