Circular Economy Innovations with Reliable Concrete Works Ltd


In a concerted effort to promote sustainable practices within the construction industry, Circular Economy Catalyst's implementing partner in Kenya, Loopworks Venturesrecently embarked on a visit to Reliable Concrete Works Ltd. The objective of the visit was to gain insights into Reliable Concrete's business model and explore ways to integrate circular economy principles into their production processes.

Reliable Concrete Works and Their Unique Vision

Reliable Concrete Works Ltd, a relevant player in the Kenyan precast concrete products market, boasts manufacturing plants strategically located in Nakuru County. Specialising in a diverse range of precast concrete products, including reinforced concrete pipes, Reliable Concrete has earned a reputation for excellence and reliability in serving the Kenyan civil construction market.

During the visit, Loopworks Ventures engaged in constructive discussions with the co-founders of Reliable Concrete, including Operations Coordinator Njeri Mwangi. Notably, Njeri Mwangi recently participated in the Replicator Programme sponsored by the IKEA Foundation and implemented by adelphi,. This programme aims to foster innovative solutions for sustainable development, aligning perfectly with Reliable Concrete's commitment to environmental stewardship.

The focal point of the discussions revolved around exploring opportunities to infuse circular economy principles into Reliable Concrete's production processes. By adopting circular economy practices, Reliable Concrete seeks to minimise building and construction waste, optimise resource utilisation, and contribute towards a more sustainable future for the construction industry in Kenya.

In Search of Creative Solutions though Collaboration

Through collaborative dialogue and knowledge sharing, adelphi’s CEC, Loopworks Ventures and Reliable Concrete Works Ltd are committed to identifying innovative solutions that will enhance sustainability within the construction sector. By leveraging their collective expertise and resources, the two organisations aim to pave the way for transformative change and set new benchmarks for sustainable construction practices in Kenya.

As CEC continues to support initiatives that promote circular economy innovations, the visit to Reliable Concrete Works Ltd underscores the importance of partnership and collaboration in driving positive change. Together with Loopworks Ventures, CEC is poised to make significant strides towards a greener, more sustainable future for Kenya's construction industry.