Circular Economy Catalyst on Renewable Matter Issue 42 “Circular Services”


Circular Economy Catalyst was featured in Issue 42 of the magazine Renewable Matter “Circular Services”. Circular Economy Catalyst’s team members, local partners in Kenya and India, and supported entrepreneurs help readers better understand how to unlock the transformative potential of circular economy entrepreneurship to foster economies that are restorative and regenerative by design.

Camilla Shearman, Circular Economy Catalyst’s Programme Lead, explains how the programme is specifically centred on businesses in the circular economy: “our mission is to catalyse, meaning to promote the replication of business models that already work”.


The circular transition requires technologies and technical skills as well as soft skills of all kinds. New types of knowledge are needed, that correspond to professional figures offering services to help companies, governments, communities and individuals navigate the processes of change for the decarbonisation of the economy. Issue 42 is dedicated to them: researchers, educators, developers, communicators, storytellers, analysts, consultants and creatives. All at the service of the circular economy.

Read the Issue 42 of Renewable Matter Magazine “Circular Services” here.