10 Years of Sankalp & Circular Economy Awards announcement

CEC booth at Sankalp 2023 in Nairobi

The 10th anniversary of the Sankalp Global Summit in Nairobi, Kenya, saw 2 days packed full of meetings, panels about key topics in entrepreneurship such as promoting financial inclusion and environmental solutions, and discussions in unconference formats. The Circular Economy Catalyst held a booth at the exhibition space to showcase impact insights from across projects implemented by the adelphi Green Entrepreneurship team (see ugefa.eu and seed.uno), and to share upcoming opportunities in the programme.

Among the opportunities showcased were the Circular Economy Awards, which look to showcase innovations in the circular economy by enterprises in India and Kenya. Eligible solutions respond to the need for sustainable food systems, circular systems for e-waste and plastic waste, water and sanitation, and to identify sustainable alternatives for the fashion and textiles industries.

We also shared information about the upcoming Green Finance Academy, which will engage teams from commercial banks to prototype financial instruments that respond to the needs of circular enterprises, and to identify financial levers required to bring these instruments to market. Stay tuned for the results of the prototyping sessions and insights!

As we move into providing growth-stage and acceleration support to enterprises in the circular economy, we are interested in engaging with partners on how to boost innovative solutions in key economic sectors. By building on conversations started at Sankalp – and further conversations with the ecosystems in India and Kenya – we are excited to contribute to the growing body of knowledge on what works in enterprise support and how we can unlock the potential of SMEs to catalyse the transition to a circular and inclusive economy.

Have ideas of how we can engage? Reach out to us at helloatthecircularcatalyst [dot] com