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Go Do Good Studio
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2023 Circular Economy Awards Runner-up

Water, Food & Energy, India


Go Do Good Studio offers innovative, 100% home-compostable packaging solutions made from seaweed. The business positively impacts the environment and creates opportunities for vulnerable people.

They target start-ups, homegrown brands, FMCG companies, and food services in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities, emphasising sustainability and environmental consciousness. Distribution includes retail and wholesale channels, while marketing is done through social media, digital ads, and offline exhibitions.


Social impact

  • Using a closed-loop system that empowers the local community by sourcing raw materials from local farmers while providing them with education and healthcare benefits

Environmental impact

  • Replacing 1,70,000+ plastic pouches (2023)
  • Contributing to the reduction of synthetic chemicals and harmful materials used in plastic production

Economic impact

  • Creating a sustainable local economy around seaweed divers
  • Offering employment to 50 families from rural communities (2023)



"We are changing what sustainable packaging means."

"Our mission is to create home-compostable packaging solutions for growing consumer demands by using agro-waste resources and indigenous processes."

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Khushboo Gandhi
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