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Craste transforms crop waste into valuable, sustainable resources, focusing on developing tree-free, crop waste-derived paper products for packaging and ancillary industries.

Craste's business model revolves around providing sustainable packaging solutions. Their innovative approach utilises agricultural by-products to create tree-free packaging materials, reducing waste and promoting circularity in the agricultural industry. Their biodegradable, food-grade products cater to B2B companies seeking eco-friendly alternatives to traditional plastic and paper packaging while also offering R&D services for customised packaging solutions.

The company has two product portfolio lines, pulp and paper for the packaging industry made from 100% crop waste-derived paper and engineered green boards.


Social impact

  • Providing employment to rural communities in India
  • Partnering with women to work on the production of paper bags
  • Training local women in the production of paper bags

Environmental impact

  • Providing 100% biodegradable and recyclable products
  • Reducing CO2 emissions by 62.5% compared to virgin paper production
  • Reducing 1,13,880 kg of CO2 emissions by crop burning (2023)
  • Upcycling 78,000 kg of crop residue (2023)

Economic impact

  • Increasing secondary income of farmers in rural communities
  • Offering affordable waste-derived paper packaging solutions which are 48.9% cheaper than virgin timber-based pulp
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